Donate to help with vet care for the animals of Macon County North Carolina

Promoting health, wellness and adoption of shelter animals.

Help Us Help The Animals

Our volunteers enrich the lives of these animals not only by spending time with them, but also by paying for out-of-the-ordinary veterinary care when the need arises. We purchase additional food, treats, beds, leashes, toys and sponsor spay/neutering (which makes the animals more adoptable).


Any and all donations made to PAWSitive Shelter Volunteers are greatly appreciated! 100% of donations go to caring for the animals. No amount is too small. PAWSitive Shelter Volunteers is a North Carolina Nonprofit Corporation.

Your donations make the animals' lives more pleasant as they wait to be adopted into their forever homes. Thank you for your support.

Look at some of what we accomplished in 2022 in this video.

Donations help our cats and dogs with the following & more
  • Donations help both cats & dogs
  • Spaying for female animals
  • Neutering for male animals
  • Providing them with quality food which helps their mood, their coats and their overall health
  • Treats to give them something special
  • Toys to make their waiting time a tiny bit more bearable
  • Cleaning supplies to keep their kennels clean
  • Out of the ordinary vet care


We sincerely appreciate your financial support and welcome you to come meet the animals. If the animals could thank you, they would.