Dogs and Cats of Macon County, NC Seek Loving Homes

We are actively seeking homes for the shelter and foster dogs and cats of Macon County, North Carolina. As volunteers, we work tirelessly to take care of these dogs while they are at shelters, rescues and foster homes, but we know that they'd be so much happier with you. If you are interested in adopting, please call 828-349-2106 or 941-266-7084.


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We Advocate For The Animals

Shelter, rescue and foster dogs and cats are regular animals that you've seen your neighbors and friends have. The 2 primary reasons they end up in the shelter or rescue is because they lost their sense of direction and someone brought them in from the street/woods or their owners had a life-changing situation and, as sad as it sounds, had to give them up. Read the Newsweek article about us.

The shelter and rescue volunteers walk, feed, bathe and play with the cats and dogs. The animals are well behaved and want to go home with you. Have a look at who's currently available and see which animal is the right pet and companion for you.